Look: Deion Sanders "Squashes Beef" With Nick Saban

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Whatever differences were between Deion Sanders and Nick Saban before this off-season, they have been put to rest.

On Thursday, the Jackson State head coach posted a video with Saban from the set of an Aflac ad — a campaign the two football giants have worked on together for quite some time.

two [to 0] . 1 [duck]. No beef," Sanders wrote on Instagram.

The short-lived beef between these two advertising partners came when Saban said that Sanders "paid a man a million dollars".

Alabama head coach No. 1 overall recruiter was referring to the commitment of Travis Hunter.

Jackson State paid a million dollars last year to a boy who was a really good Division I player to come to school.

was in the paper. They used to brag about it! Nobody did anything about it,” Saban said.

Sanders responded to these allegations.

"I haven't spoken to Coach Saban. I'm sure he's tried to call. We need to talk publicly — not in private," Sanders said.

"What you said was public. It doesn't require dialogue.

Let's talk publicly and let everyone listen to the conversation.

You can't do that in public and you can't make calls in private."

Even at the time though, there was really no real beef.

"No, no, no. I still love him," Sanders said. "I admire him. I respect him.

He is the magna cum laude of college football and that's going to be because he earned that.

But when he should have stayed on the right he took the left hand.

I am sure he will definitely return. I'm not tripping."

The world of college football is a better place with this disagreement in the rearview.