Look: Caitlyn Jenner Reacts To Transgender Golfer News

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On Wednesday, Fox News contributor Caitlyn Jenner expressed her support for transgender golfer Hailey Davidson in her effort to gain access to the LPGA Tour next year.

Davidson is struggling to become the first transgender woman to receive an LPGA Tour card.

Jenner, a transgender woman herself, recently spoke out against transgender swimmer Leah Thomas being able to compete in NCAA competitions.

The former Olympic track star believes Thomas' "unfair" biological advantage doesn't apply to Davidson trying to make it in the golf world.

“I have been very consistent with the way I try to approach these transgender athletes.

It really depends on the game. Every game is different," Jenner said, per Fox. "Obviously, we saw with Lia Thomas,

She had gone through male puberty, a large cardiovascular system, it was not fair. And luckily, we won that"

As long as Davidson qualifies, there are no rules preventing him from receiving the Tour card.

The LPGA issued a rule change in 2010 to allow golfers who were not born female to participate.

"She's playing within the rules," Jenner said. "Golf is a completely different sport.

It's a game of touch and feel."

Davidson, 29, began her hormone treatments in 2015 and underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2021, according to Golfweek.

He last competed as a male during the local qualifying round for the men's US Open in 2015.