Legendary NBA Star Told To Stay Quiet On Brittney Griner

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Stephen Curry has raised his voice on issues beyond the courtroom, including the detention of Brittany Griner in Russia.

Curry has spoken on behalf of the WNBA star, who has been in Russian custody since his February arrest after pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges.

However, he also wanted to help behind the scenes.

According to a Rolling Stone cover story published on Monday,

Curry contacted Biden administration contacts to offer assistance. He said that he turned her down.

"They were telling us, 'Don't say anything,'" Curry said.

The US government initially attempted to keep a low profile regarding Griner's detention, a strategy the NBA and WNBA followed.

Yet that changed when they reclassified him as wrongfully detained in early May.

After being rejected, Curry used his platform to call for Griner's release.

During the NBA Finals, he drew attention to his detention in an interview with ESPN's Malika Andrews.

"It's an unfortunate situation, it's a tragedy. ... He has to be home.

He needs to be safe. He needs to be with his family."

Curry also urged athletes to keep speaking on their behalf and called for Griner's release with Neneka Ogwumike and Skylar Diggins-Smith hosting this year's ESPY.

"We can't stop fighting for him," Curry said at the ceremony.

"We can't stop believing in him, and we won't stop looking forward to the day we can safely welcome him home."

In August a Russian court sentenced Griner to nine years in prison,

But talks between the US and Russia continue.

President Joe Biden called the decision "unacceptable."