LeBron James On Celtics Fans: They're Racist As F--k

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For over a decade, LeBron James and the Boston Celtics have had an untold rivalry.

The rivalry could be taken to the next level after hearing what the four-time NBA champion had to say about his fan base.

During an episode of The Shop, James revealed that he hates playing in Boston because he believes Celtics fans are racist.

"Because they're racist as f—k," James said when asked what he hates about Boston fans.

Here's what James claimed during The Shop:

James continued: "They'll say anything. And that's fine. It's my life, f—k I've been dealing with it my whole life."

I don't mind that. I heard it If I hear someone nearby, I check them out right away, then move on in the game.

They're going to say whatever they want to say."

NBA fans are a little surprised that James would be so blunt about his feelings towards Celtics fans.

However, they are not surprised by the allegation.

The Celtics would have had success against James early in his career,

But Eastern Conference Finals wins in 2012 and 2018, this time giving bragging rights to "The King".