Lane Kiffin Reacts To Matt Corral's Controversial Ole Miss Comment

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Speaking to reporters this week,

Former Ole Miss and now NFL quarterback Matt Coral made a funny comment about why he committed to the Rebels just out of high school.

A controversial comment, to say the least. However, it doesn't appear that Coral meant what he said.

Len Kiffin joined ESPN's First Take to provide some clarification about Coral's remarks.

"I wasn't here when Matt came here as far as the competition he was in, I wasn't here," Kiffin explained, via

"Matt texted me shortly after that to say he didn't mean to.

He was actually in a competition here, so he is a rookie in the NFL. He won't say everything right.

That's not going to fix everything, especially in the first year. I am sure he will take it back.

"We're in a time where the media isn't playing much time, as I told him,

This will go on for 48 hours and no one will even remember."

Coral will not have an easy road with the Carolina Panthers.

He would have to beat both Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield to win the opening gig.

Meanwhile, Kiffin is trying to find his coral replacement.