Lamar Jackson Shoots Down Contract Rumor: NFL World Reacts

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has yet to sign a contract extension with the team

And at this point it probably won't be until the end of the season.

But he is setting the record straight on what the Ravens have to offer him.

Not long ago, a Twitter user announced that the Ravens should offer Jackson a guaranteed $250 million in a contract.

But one user replied that the Ravens had already offered him that much money and that Jackson wanted more.

That's when Jackson made a noise. Taking the answers

Jackson had just three words for the user who said he wanted more: "No, they didn't."

Jackson's reply is going viral with over 3,000 likes, 700 retweets and tons of comments.

Some of those comments include fans' hopes that Jackson will get the money.

He deserves it while others wait to see the media reaction to it:

It is believed that the biggest catch right now is that Lamar Jackson does not have a professional sports agent to help negotiate with the Baltimore Ravens.

But sooner or later something has to be given. Jackson is a free agent after this season

And the Ravens will have to franchise tag him if they don't want him to just run in free agency.

How much money do you think Lamar Jackson will get if he finally gets the extension he wants?