Lakers, Nets Reportedly Discussing Blockbuster Trade: Fans React

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Lakers, Nets Reportedly Discussing Blockbuster Trade: Fans React

Just a few days ago, Kyrie Irving reunited with Brooklyn for what seemed to be another run with Kevin Durant and the Nets.

Now, the star point guard could reportedly be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers by the time the 2022 season suggests.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo, "The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are actively engaged in trading

The discussion focused on the Russell Westbrook-Kyrie Irving package," according to their sources.

Fans reacted to the potential blockbuster business on social media over the weekend.

That's why the Nets want the Lakers to take on Joe Harris if they want Kyrie and the Lakers want Seth Curry with Westbrook's pay dump instead," said radio host Tony Gill.

"If I'm a net I don't budge on that. I'm giving you the better young, cheaper player in Kyrie.

You take what I give you."

It's time here.  Kyrie has no value around the league, only the Lakers want, and the Lakers are willing to take the risk on him.

Get the best possible deal with that leverage and off you go

Regardless of how the KD piece works, the Nets still have to dump Kyrie,

And it was always the most logical dumping ground," commented The Athletic's John Hollinger.

The Brooklyn Nets say that discussions at this point have only been preliminary," Haynes followed up.

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