Kyrie Irving Shares Concerning Video On Social Media

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Kyrie Irving is known to say and do controversial things in real life as well as on social media.

On Thursday, a Brooklyn Nets point guard raised eyebrows when he shared a 20-year-old clip of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his Instagram story.

The video titled "Never Forget - Alex Jones Tried to Warn Us" refers to a "New World Order" that will "leave plagues,"

According to Hoops author Tommy Beer.

"Yeah, the same Alex Jones, who was ordered last month to pay $45 million in punitive damages to the parents of a 6-year-old boy killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre --

After Jones, a disgraced conspiracy theorist, falsely claimed that the shooting was a hoax," Beer said.

We'll let you research more Jones on your own time,

But let's say it's not the best look for Kyrie to share her work.

At this point though, Kyrie doesn't care what any of us think.

He's going to do what he does, regardless of the reaction.