Kyle Shanahan Has A Telling Comment About Jimmy Garoppolo's Future

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After an off-season of uncertainty, Kyle Shanahan has finally cleared the air.

The San Francisco 49ers really appear to be moving on from Jimmy Garoppolo to enter the Trey Lance era.

During a podcast with Tim Kawakami this Monday,

Shanahan revealed that he knew last year that the team was going to hand over the reins of this upcoming season to Lance.

"We had a great performance with Jimmy. It was great," he said.

"But when you have a salary range... it's a decision we made last year.

And Jimmy gave Trey the year we thought he needed.

That being said, Shanahan is expecting Garpaolo to appear for training camp on Tuesday to physically get in.

It's an important step in the 49ers' plan to eventually trade the veteran quarterback.

Talk about an awkward reunion.

Garopolo handles this whole situation with class,

But with Lance walking it will be tough for him to be out tomorrow.

Buckle up, 49ers fans.

The team will have a new starting quarterback this upcoming season.