Knicks Preparing Massive Offer For Jalen Brunson

Image credit dailyknicks

The New York Knicks are reportedly preparing a massive free - agency offer for star guard Jalen Brunson .

According to Marc Stein , the Knicks are ready to offer the fifth - year guard a four - year , $ 100 million contract .

The NBA world took to Twitter to react to this news . " Idk how I feel about it , he's a talented player and only 25 but man

I wish we would've gave Quick a shot to run some PG during the season to see what we got , " one Knicks fan wrote .

" That's a fair contract . Moving mountains to offer him this fair deal , maybe slight overpay , is still a questionable offseason a strategy , " another added .

Earlier this week , the idea of Brunson re - signing with the Dallas Mavericks was reported as a basically a " done deal . " That being said ,

the Knicks remain the frontrunner as a potential outside suitor to land the 25 year - old guard .

The Knicks hired Brunson's father , Rick Brunson , as an assistant coach earlier this offseason .

Brunson averaged a career high 16.3 points per game alongside Luka Doncic in his contract season . Whatever contract

he signs this offseason , he no doubt earned this payday . The Knicks made a series of draft - night moves on Thursday

night that suggested they're clearing cap space to potentially go after a big - name free agent this offseason .

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