Keyshawn Johnson Says 1 NFL Team's Roster "Sucks"

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Keesahan Johnson doesn't expect much from the Chicago Bears this season.

During a segment on ESPN's NFL Live (h/t Daniel Greenberg), the former Pro Bowl wide receiver criticized Chicago's perceived lack of talent.

"Quite frankly, this roster sucks," Johnson said. "That's just the reality of it. It's not a good roster.

There are no players there. Think about it, they've only got two or three players who can probably start for the other team."

After a 6–11 campaign that led the organization to sack head coach Matt Nagy,

Bear has had a relatively calm season. Alan Robinson as James Daniels

And with Akim Hicks signed elsewhere and Khalil Mack being sent off to the Chargers, the NFC North squad mostly settled for short-term deals.

They'll hope to capitalize on some low-risk additions, including the recently acquired wide receiver N'Keil Harry,

But he hasn't made many big splashes. As a result, it's hard to see Chicago competing in Justin Fields' second season.

Johnson's assessment is still very harsh. The Bears had the sixth-lowest yards allowed last season,

So he alone has players with more than three starting abilities in his defense.

However, without the Mach the unit will take a huge hit.

Unless the bears uncover some hidden gems, they can stay in the store for a long time.

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