Keyshawn Johnson Roasts The Bears: NFL World Reacts

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It's safe to say that Keishon Johnson isn't very much on the Bears going into the 2022 season.

The former NFL star ESPN radio host believes the Bears have arguably the worst roster in the league.

"This roster sucks. That's the reality of it. There are no players. Think about it,

They've only got 2-3 players who can probably start for the other team and that's it," Johnson said on ESPN radio.

Many have predicted the Bears to be one of the worst teams in the league in 2022.

Many believe that Johnson is exaggerating, however.

"The roster is not very good, but 2-3 players can start for the other team, it is a complete exaggeration.

There are about 4 that I can think of single-handedly crime that could have started elsewhere," tweeted one fan.

"Fields, Monty, Herbert, Mooney, Quinn, Roquan, Johnson, Ajax, Gipson, and you might as well include Brisker and Gordon.

The roster is weak right now, no doubt about it, but don't pretend we don't have at least some talent,” said one fan.

How do you see the Bears moving forward in 2022?

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