Kevin Stefanski Declines To Answer Question: NFL World Reacts

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Sunday's game between the Cleveland Browns and the Carolina Panthers should be an interesting one.

The Browns are set to take on their former quarterback, Baker Mayfield, to open the 2022 regular season.

Ahead of the reunion game,

Head coach Kevin Stefansky was asked if he had said goodbye to Mayfield after leaving. Stefansky declined to answer.

Tony Grossi tweeted, "Kevin Stefansky declined to say whether he said goodbye to Baker Mayfield when he was traded to Carolina in July."

There's always some drama, isn't it?

"I think it's clear that Stefanski wanted a change in the QB.

I can't believe he got the change he "wanted"

But he had to move on from Baker," tweeted one fan.

"Stefanski wants an adult in QB because they don't have anyone in the coaching room," said one fan.

“Baker received the same automated email letting him know that his access to the Beria complex had been revoked, which everyone else gets when we move on from him.

But I drafted that email template so it counts as goodbye," joked one fan.

Sunday afternoon should be fun