Kevin Durant Shoots Down 'Comical' Rumor About Future

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Kevin Durant has forcefully rubbished the latest speculation about his future sport.

NBA insider Mark Stein told Monday that a league executive told him Durant was "more suited to retire than to play again for the Brooklyn Nets."

The conversation took place during the NBA Summer League,

And Stein expressed skepticism, but the situation has not improved.

Rumors of retirement spread like wildfire across social media, prompting Durant to quell the chatter.

"I know most people will believe me in unknown sources, but if it is anyone who will listen,

I don't plan on retiring any time soon," Durant wrote on Twitter on Monday evening.

"S--- is comical at this point."

The 33-year-old has reportedly requested a trade from the Nets, which he has not publicly confirmed or denied.

According to Shams Charaniya of The Athletic, Durant held on to his business demand last week,

Issuing an ultimatum to the organization to choose him or Steve Nash and Sean Marks.

Nets owner Joe Tsai responded by publicly backing his head coach and general manager.

In his most recent report, Stein wrote that Durant is expected to cause "a ruckus behind the scenes."

To pursue a trade if he is not transferred by the training camp.

Durant has not commented on any desire to leave the team.

But the four-time scoring champion has made it clear that he will not withdraw from the league if he does not trade.

However, it remains to be seen how he gives his bluffing reply to the nets.

Although Durant isn't retiring anytime soon, he could try to stay until his wish is granted.