Kevin Durant Has Blunt Reaction To Kyrie Irving Rumors

The Brooklyn Nets appear to be close to breaking up with a star . The news broke on Thursday .

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski provided the top destinations for Kyrie Irving if he cannot agree to an extension agreement

with the Nets in the offseason . There are reports there was evidence that Kevin Durant is " monitoring " the situation

and is considering alternatives for his NBA future . The following day , KD received a question about the reports .

" I simply let things unfold and wait to see the outcome , " he said in the latest podcast episode , The ETCs podcast . " ...

Whatever happens to Kyrie , The friendship will remain . " Durant signed a four - year renewal worth $ 198 million for the Nets last season .

The contract will be in effect this season . It's not clear how his future within the team could change due to the possible demise

of his star point guard . " It's not my involvement in any way . I'm not involved in the situation , " he said of Kyrie's circumstances .

" This is the man's source of income . It's a lot more than mine . Being a free agent , it's an extremely crucial occasion in your professional career .

You can't be influenced by anyone else . I'm just me and wait for the moment . " There's no way to change anything at this moment .

I'm not sure if he'll even decide to leave until the 29th of September , I believe . I let the situation unfold and watch what happens ,

but maintain contact with Kai and observe what transpires . This is something so beyond my control that

I will not be part of it . We'll see how it goes . " There's one certain thing . It's a huge season for offseasons in the Nets team .

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