Kenny Pickett Receives Standing Ovation: Fans React

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Steeler Nation stood on its feet as Kenny Pickett ran across the field to make his presidential debut this Saturday night.

Pickett made his NFL preseason debut on the first drive of the second half of Saturday night's Steelers-Seahawks exhibit.

Before he took the snap, Steeler Nation stood on its feet and gave the rookie a standing ovation.

Plus, the terrible towels were out in full force.

"Big standing ovation from Yinz to Kenny Pickett! #Steelers #NFL," Blitzberg wrote.

How did Kenny Pickett react? Leading the Steelers on a touchdown drive

and converting two-point conversion.

An impressive start from the rookie. He has a bright career ahead.

"Good @kennypickett10. Very cool," wrote Louis Riddick.

Brooke Prior said, "Kenny Pickett went 5/5 for 33 yards and a TD on his first (precision) NFL drive."

"What a wonderful moment for the @Steelers to have Kenny Pickett making his @NFL debut.

#H2P » #HereWeGo," said Pitt Football.

"Kenny Pickett to Jaylen Warren Touchdown!" Steeler Nation wrote.

What a start with a rookie.

Catch him in action on NFL Network.