Kenny Pickett Listed As 3rd String: NFL World Reacts

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Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers finally got their hands on the team's starting quarterback,

And Mitch Trubisky appears to be that guy.

However, fans were curious to see that Kenny Pickett is listed at number three on the depth chart, despite showing up in the preseason.

The NFL world reacted to the eager slotting of the first-round pick on Monday.

BetMGM tweeted, "Kenny Pickett sees Mason Rudolph ahead of him on Steelers official depth chart."

"The fact that Kenny Pickett is third on the Steelers depth chart behind Mason Rudolph

Interesting than Trubisky is likely to start week one," Trey Wingo said.

"This was always the plan for Umar Khan and the Steelers," tweeted NFL insider Jordan Schultz.

"Do they love Kenny Pickett? Yes. But he signed Michelle Trubisky believing that that job would win Week 1."

"I'm excited to see so many people crazy that Kenny Pickett is listed in QB3,"

Pittsburgh podcast host Hunter Hoddies. "It won't even take 4 weeks for him to be promoted."

How long do you think Kenny Pickett stays on the depth chart?