Keenan Allen Has Hilarious Admission About Philip Rivers

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It's been years now for Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen to work with both Justin Herbert

and former starter Philip Rivers.

When asked to talk about his current quarterback, Allen had a lot to say.

But he also had something to say about rivers.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Allen laughed praising Herbert for staying up late after practice.

And continued to throw the football around.

"You look at him. He just lasts an hour and a half after ball-throwing practice. It's crazy."

Asked why he laughed, he admitted that it was because Rivers was never too late to practice.

"Philip never stopped after ball-throwing practice."

Some fans have pointed out in the comments that Phillip Rivers probably had too many personal commitments to stay up late after practice.

After all the man has nine small children.

Plus, by the time Keenan Allen came along, Rivers was already a 10-year veteran who had seen it all.

He was probably well past the point of needing to stay up late to fine-tune his throwing mechanics.

That said, it's pretty hilarious to see Allen pulling off his former quarterback like this.

Given that Rivers doesn't really have much of a presence on social media,

It will be interesting to see how long it takes him to try to clap Alan back.

What did you think of Alan's comments?