Josh Allen Reveals His Preferred Nickname For Bills Punter

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Matt Ariza has officially won the Buffalo Bills opening punter job.

While the "punt god" generated excitement after sending a punt for 82 yards in Saturday's preseason game,

Josh Allen doesn't want to give Ariza any more opportunities to display his strong leg.

Taking inspiration from Twitter, the Bills quarterback said he wanted Ariza to be known as the "Hold God" as he would only see the field on extra-point attempts.

WKBW's Matthew Bowe credits The Athletic's Tim Graham,

who made fun of Ariza from San Diego State after drafting the bill in the sixth round.

Alan told Ariza not to reveal that nickname, but someone did anyway.

Dan Fates, the punter for 13WHAM, said he's fine with that nickname.

"The last game was crazy enough for me to see how good this offense really was," Ariza said.

"So yes, I agree with that," said Ariza. "I feel like I'm holding a lot more this year than punting."

After punts 307 times in four seasons with the Miami Dolphins, Matt Hack made only 52 punts for Buffalo last season.

He made four boots during the Bills' two playoff games.

Buffalo released the hack on Monday, which solidified Ariza as the team's Week 1 starter.

All kidding away, there was a legitimate chance that Punt God would be barred from making the roster.

Ariza never attended college because he was also a kicker, and general manager Brandon Bean called the hack an "elite-holder" for Graham this spring.

Only the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers scored higher than Buffalo's 28.4 per game last season.

While he made headlines in limited action, Ariza got no other punting reps during the team's 42-15 presidential route over the Denver Broncos.

An exceptional punter is a luxury the Bills expect they will rarely need during their Super Bowl chase.

An exceptional punter is a luxury the Bills exBut Araiza's ability to make a huge difference in field conditions can certainly come in handy.pect they will rarely need during their Super Bowl chase.

As long as he can handle the holding duties