Jon Gruden Responds To College Rumors: Fans React

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John Gruden's name was always the subject of college football rumors during his time in ESPN's "Monday Night" booth.

Of course, he never took any, but he said he had "early" talks with the Arkansas Razorbacks.

"I wouldn't say they were real serious conversations," Gruden said.

"But I think they were just looking for the right guy and we had some initial conversations because of [golfer] John Daly."

"I was worried about being a college coach because I was on 'death penalty' probation within six months," Gruden continued.

"But now that you're paying the players and I know a bank with $27 billion... I'd love to have a job in Arkansas!"

Fans reacted to the coach's comments on social media.

"Bahaha," laughed one user.

"Now it's funny right there..." said another.

Gruden has been out of coaching since the email dispute that saw him lose his job with the Raiders last October