John Smoltz Reveals His Father Passed Away Today During MLB Broadcast

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During the bottom half of the eighth inning of tonight's "Field of Dreams" game, Fox announcer John Smoltz shared some terrifying news.

John Adam Smoltz, the father of the Hall of Fame pitcher, died earlier today.

Despite the tragedy, Smoltz said he had "peace" and had no doubt that he was going to fulfill his duties tonight.

"It's been an incredible day. It's been an emotional day," Smoltz said on Air.

"What a day to honor him. He lived by his faith.

He loved his family. If I didn't do this game, he would have been very mad."

Fox News' Will Cain actually sat down and spoke with Smoltz this afternoon,

Hours after his father passed away.

We can't imagine what it was like for Smoltz to get through this day and call this the game.

Our condolences and prayers are with him and his family.