Joel Klatt Reveals How He'd Fix College Football Scheduling

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Joel Klatt is among several college football analysts who believe the league has a non-conference scheduling problem.

Fox Sports analyst reported that out of the seven ranked matchups this season,

The average point margin is 25%.

Cleat believes they have a viable plan to increase "competition".

and "parity" in the regular season of college football.

He suggested that the country ever play nine conference games, regardless of team level.

The remaining three non-conference games will be decided in a random draw based on a pool selection made by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee.

Power Five schools will get two home and one away games

Non-Power Five schools would get the reverse.

The top conference finishers will be placed in Pool 1.

Those who finish in the middle of the pack will get Pool 2 and 3. The bottom half of the conference will get Pool 4.

CLAT believes this methodology will ensure that the best programs in the country prove themselves worthy of the college football playoffs.

"I believe that the best programs in the country should be expected to run the toughest programs in the country," Klatt said.

"No one should be avoiding it because we have an extended playoff coming up."

There's no doubt that this method will produce some exciting regular-season, non-convention action.