Joe Burrow Taking Loss Hard: NFL World Reacts

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Joe Burrow's last two NFL games have been hard to swallow.

The Bengals lost the final game of the 2021 season, falling to the Rams in the Super Bowl.

Then, to open the 2022 season, Cincinnati fell wildly to Pittsburgh in overtime.

The borough is reportedly barely making up for the loss.

"Joe Burrows hasn't showered. Hasn't changed. Still wearing most of his uniform.

Has been sitting as his locker since the end of the game," tweeted Jeremy Rauch.

Burrow reportedly sat in silence for a while.

"Update: It's been 45 minutes since the game ended. Media is leaving the locker room.

He is still sitting there. His only brief break was a quick press conference," he said.

Watch out next week, everyone.

One fan joked, "Okay. Now give her a color blind test to see if orange and gold look alike."

Another fan wrote, "These games can't be and he knows it and can play a lot better, he will bounce back."

"900 yards next week," said one fan.

Will Burrow and the Bengals return next week?