Joe Buck Is Trending During MLB All-Star Game Tonight

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The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is currently airing on Fox and longtime play-by-play man Joe Buck is nowhere to be found.

Buck left Fox to become the new NFL play-by-play man at ESPN,

where he and his longtime partner Tori Ackman would call Monday Night Football.

With the move to ESPN, Buck is no longer the play-by-play lead for Fox.

That job now belongs to Joe Davis.

In a matter of months, he would become the first person other than Buck to call a World Series game since 1999.

With Buck's absence tonight, fans are taking note.

"Joe Davis is a great announcer but Joe Buck's voice was made for it.

It's the epitome of a bigger sport," said one fan.

"I miss Joe Buck," said another fan.

"Tonight is the night America learns that Joe Buck is no longer the main MLB play-by-play announcer,"

Another fan said.

It's just c. But that doesn't sound the same without Buck