Jerry West Reveals His All-Time Favorite Basketball Player Fans React

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Michael Jordan has another legend.

On Saturday night, Jerry West attended a Summer League game.

At the same time, he was asked who is his all-time favorite basketball player.

"Probably my all-time favorite player was Michael Jordan," he said.

"Many other incredible players that I know and clearly relate to.

But for me that's what I think is great in a basketball player.

"Someone who can play from either end of the court. His teams win. In the final quarter, he's going to be there.

More importantly, I love Michael as a brother. You get to spend some time with him... he never changes. And that's why I like him."

Should we be surprised? Most NBA legends side with Jordan over LeBron.

One fan wrote, "Fact!! LeBron can't win, Magic didn't play as much as Jordan and no one can compare to MJ! Real Goat!".

"MJ is the greatest basketball player ever," commented one fan.

"Speaking about the logo.

I'm so sorry for today's little kids never got to see MJ play because there was no one like him!" wrote one fan.

Who is your favorite basketball player of all time?

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