Jason Garrett Reveals What Nick Saban Told Him About Missing Work

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Nick Saban has had savage moments and one of them came back in 2006.

Over the weekend, Jason Garrett, who served as the quarterback coach on Saban's Dolphins staff,

shared a story about asking former teammate Troy Ekman to take a day off to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Per Books reporter Bobby Thompson:

"Jason Garrett told a story about being nervous to ask Nick Saban if he could go into the Hall of Fame when Troy Ackman was being inducted.

Nick Saban tells her to leave and says 'we can survive without you.'

If that doesn't say Nick Saban's humor, I don't know what does."

16 years later, it's the same old Saban, who is now chipping away as the top event leader in college football.

But that humor is what humanizes one of the game's toughest grinders.