Ja'Marr Chase Was Asked If He's Better Than Justin Jefferson

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Three years ago, star wide receivers Justin Jefferson and Jammer Chase were busy leading LSU to the national title.

Two years ago, Jefferson was setting records as a rookie wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings.

Meanwhile, Chase was pulling out of his final collegiate season and was waiting for his turn in the league.

Now that both wide receivers are in the NFL, a reporter wants to know which one is better.

CBS Sports went to the source for answers.

Pete Prisco asks Chase if he or Jefferson is a better wide receiver. Chase clearly chose himself,

Saying that Jefferson stole all his moves and then went to the NFL.

Jefferson chases one-up during 2021 season racking up 108 receptions for 1,616 yards

These were more than the chase's 81 receptions of 1,455 yards.

However, it was the latter who won the touchdown category.

Chase finished his rookie season third in the NFL in touchdown receptions with 13,

While Jefferson brought in 10.

Which wide receiver is better?