Jalen Rose Reveals The "Final Straw" Before Kevin Durant's Trade Request

Kevin Durant sent the NBA world into a frenzy on Thursday, officially requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets.

According to ESPN, the Nets' front office is working with Durant to find a business partner.

However, the team wants to get a lucrative race of players and selections in return.

During this Friday's edition of Get Up, Jalen Rose shares her thoughts on Durant's downfall in Brooklyn.

Rose believes that the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Finals was the "last straw" for Durant.

"It's one of the most fascinating things in NBA history - watching the all-time greats like KD go to the Warriors,

Win back-to-back finals MVP, leave the Warriors to be the best player to lead the championship position with Kyrie Irving," said Rose.

"They [Durant and Irving] have to see two of their former teams in the final. And then, the Warriors will win it without you. This should be the last straw for KD."

Rose also noted that Durant knew Irving would "not be challenged" by head coach Steve Nash.

Perhaps it played a role in the decision of the All-Star forward.

Kyrie wasn't going to be challenged by Steve Nash - KD knows that too," Rose said.

"So when Kyrie comes back in, KD is like, 'I'm out of here, period.' And so, crazy talk

Isn't he just breaking up with the nets, he's breaking up with Kyrie as well."

Depending on where Durant goes next, the NBA's landscape for the 2022-23 season could look very different.

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