Injury Results Revealed For Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert

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The test results are in for Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert and they are surprising to say the least.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Chargers head coach Brandon Staley announced that Herbert had fractured his rib cartilage.

Staley said Herbert is injured day after day.

But there is a big relationship between what the injury actually is and the time it will take to heal.

As anyone who has damaged their rib cartilage will already tell you, these types of injuries take months, sometimes up to half a year, to fully heal.

So unless Herbert's rib cartilage fracture is so minor that it barely meets the definition of a diagnosis,

It would be a medical miracle if he is not in constant pain for the rest of the season.

But maybe Justin Herbert is the kind of physical specimen who can endure that kind of injury. it was,

After all, able to finish yesterday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs,

Even potentially leading them within minutes of tying or winning the game.

That said, Herbert is taking a huge risk if he continues to play with an injury like this.

Any future blow to his midsection, as he suffered last night, can have dire consequences if not managed properly.

Hopefully Herbert is getting the right medical advice.

Will Justin Herbert miss a game this season?