Ian Rapoport Sets Record Straight On Deshaun Watson's Status For Week 1

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The NFL has announced that it will appeal against Deshan Watson's six-match suspension.

According to several reports, the league is pushing for harsher punishment.

While on The Pat McAfee Show this Friday, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport provided some clarity on Watson's suspension.

Rapoport revealed that Watson would miss the first six matches of the season.

Irrespective of how this appeals process goes.

"It's not like Ezekiel Elliot, where he was normally fighting suspension and he played a lot of games," Rapoport said.

"The NFLPA and Deshan Watson are not opposing the six-game suspension.

So somehow, even if it goes to federal court, he'll be out -- almost certainly -- the first six games."

Rapoport said things could get complicated after the first six games are over.

Of course, if the NFL's appeals process is ongoing.

On Thursday, it was revealed that former NJ Attorney General Peter C. Harvey is going to be Roger Goodell's nominee for the appeals hearing.

Although there is much uncertainty about Watson's status,

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk reports that the Cleveland Browns are planning to use their star quarterback during the preseason.

When the regular season finally comes, Jacobi Brissette will move into the starting lineup.

He'll try to hold down the fort when Watson serves him