How Trey Lance Reacted To Jimmy Garoppolo News

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In the eyes of many around the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers created a messy conflict when they restructured Jimmy Garoppolo's contract to keep him this season.

However, Trey Lance doesn't share those concerns.

On Tuesday, via's Eric Adhanom (h/t NESN), 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters that "we have a starting quarterback as backup" at Garoppolo.

He added that Lance was happy to learn that he would continue to be a teammate with the 30-year-old.

"When I told Trey that Jimmy was coming back, he said 'Awesome,'" Shanahan said.

"There was no relationship to improve."

NBC Sports' Jennifer Lee Chan added further insight into Shanahan's description of Lance's reaction.

"Trey and Jimmy have a great relationship," Shanahan said. "Trey really likes having Jimmy in the building.

Trey was so grateful [for] how Jimmy was for him last year

And we feel very strongly from the two guys that Jimmy will be giving back to Trey this year."

Shanahan considers the team "lucky" to have Garoppolo and says that there is "no way" his presence will harm the team.

"There are not 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL," Shanahan said, "and we believe we have two of them."

Garoppolo slashed his 2022 base salary to $6.5 million this season,

But he can earn up to $15.45 million with incentives.

The new deal also includes a no-trade clause and an assurance that the 49ers will not tag him next season.

The 49ers are clear that Garoppolo is returning to back up the Lance,

But chatter among fans and pundits could escalate if the second year starter struggles at all.

Lance and Shanahan aren't too worried about that extraneous noise.