Here's How Much Texas A&M Paid Appalachian State To Play At College Station

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Texas A&M gave the Appalachian state a big chunk of cash to come out

And go to College Station for a non-convention game.

The Mountaineers returned the favor by upset the No. 6 team in college football.

That's right. Aggies are no longer undefeated.

App State upset No. 6 Texas A&M 17-14 in College Station this Saturday night.

To make matters worse, Texas A&M paid Ape State $1.5 million to come out for the trip. aha

"Texas A&M Pays App State $1.5 Million for Travel to College Station.

The Mountaineers just beat the #6 Aggies 17-14," Front Office Sports said.

Talk about a gut punch. Ape State upset Texas A&M and went home with $1.5 million.

The day is not bad at all.

Meanwhile, the Aggies still have some work to do under Jimbo Fischer before they become a legitimate contender.