Greg McElroy Reveals The 1 Reason For Alabama's Close Games

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The Alabama Crimson Tide overtook the unranked Texas Longhorns in a 20-19 victory over the weekend.

During a recent appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show,

Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy shares his thoughts on why the Crimson Tide doesn't dominate every game like they used to.

They feel that the opposing team is generally starting to close the talent gap against the dominant event.

"The Alabama talent gap was so significant, that even if they came out and played their C-game, it wouldn't matter.

Now if they come out and play their C-game, the teams can take them.

It is not that Bama's health has deteriorated. I think other teams have gotten better."

Alabama and Texas played nearly identical games on Saturday.

The Crimson Tide knocked out Longhorn for just three total yards (374–371).

Texas made 67 offensive plays to Alabama's 63.

Crimson Tide may not have played its best game,

But there is no doubt that Longhorn played to the level of his competition.

Nick Saban and Alabama dominated Week 1 with a 55–0 win over Utah State.

The team will look to return to that dominance this coming Saturday against LA-Monroe.