Georgia Humiliates Oregon In Blowout Victory: Fans React

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Georgia certainly isn't taking a step back from last year's historic season in Athens.

The reigning champs took on No. 11 Oregon at Woodshed on Saturday evening in a 49-3 one-sided victory.

The Georgia defense, which lost several all-time greats to the NFL during the off-season, was prominent.

This forced two Bo Knicks interceptions and kept the duck out of the end-zone.

It looks like it's going to be another special year in Athens. Meanwhile, Oregon has a lot of work to do.

Dan Lanning certainly has his hands full.

"Oregon fans. No need to overthink this result.

Oregon has its ass kicked in every aspect of the game. Georgia was better prepared, has better players and is physically dominating Oregon.

Let's see how they regroup for next week," said Geoff Schwartz

"Final: Georgia 49, Oregon 3. Will probably go back to 2009 for an opener that went that way for the Ducks.

That said: The last three times Oregon lost its opener — 2009, 2011, 2019 — the Ducks finished the year at the Rose Bowl.

This season has just started. #GoDucks," wrote Rob Moseley.

"Georgia is a better team than Oregon. They were yesterday, they are today, they will be tomorrow. Nothing more.

I do not blame the players or the coaches in a new term game against such an opponent.

Dogs should be fun this year," said Dan Rubenstein.

Oregon has to go back to the drawing board. The Ducks will try to clear things up against Eastern Washington next week.

Georgia, meanwhile, takes on Samford.