George Kittle Opens Up About Deebo Samuel's Situation

Image credit ninernoise

Deebo Samuel requested a trade away from the San Francisco 49ers earlier this offseason . While he stays on the team's roster , his future

with the organization is uncertain Some 49ers fans are upset that Deebo may be looking to ditch their team , but star tight end George Kittle

comprehend his teammates situation . " Everyone loves Deebo . I also think , like , it's the NFL . Go get what you deserve , dude , "

he said during a recent appearance on the Bussin ' With The Boys podcast . " Deebo deserves to get paid a lot of money . They don't want to pay you a lot

of money ? Do what you need to do ... If you wanna leave , there's no bad blood with me . Kittle does wish the 49ers locked in a long - term extension

with Deebo earlier this year . " Hindsight is 20-20 , right ? " Kittle added . " And I know nothing . I haven't talked about it to John Lynch , Kyle Shanahan ,

or Deebo . I have not . I don't know anything . I know that , hindsight , I would've paid Deebo three - quarters of the way through the season ;

try to do a contract in - season , for sure . Probably would've been cheaper . Christian Kirk set the market off . " Kittle isn't sure what's next for Deebo

and the 49ers , but he believes the superstar wide receiver will play in 2022. " What's gonna happen and this is me not knowing anything

Deebo's got another year on his contract , right ? " Kittle continued . " Assuming he's not going to sit out , that's a lot of money ,

so he's either going to play this year as a Niner with one year left on his deal , or he's going to get a contract extension . "

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