Former Lakers Player Is Auctioning His 2 Championship Rings

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In his first two NBA seasons, power forward Slava Medvedenko was a contributing member for the Los Angeles Lakers championship teams.

But now he's getting ready to part with the mementos of those incredible years.

In an interview with The Associated Press,

Medvedenko said he would auction off two of his Lakers title rings to raise money to rebuild a school gym in his native Ukraine.

He said the bombing of the Russian army destroyed more than a hundred schools.

"We want to restore the gym because the Russian army bombed more than a hundred schools," Medvedenko said. "My country,

They need a lot of money to fix the schools. Sports gyms are going to be the last in the line to fix this.

In Ukraine, we have winter and the kids need to play inside."

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced Medvedenko to move to Warsaw in Poland.

He is organizing a charity basketball game to raise funds for the refugees.

Per ESPN, the two rings will likely top $100,000.

Slava Medvedenko joined the Lakers in 2000 after not being drafted in 1998.

He played 39 minutes in his first season when the Lakers won the 2001 NBA Championship.

Medvedenko had a big role in his second season,

He averaged 10.3 minutes per game off the bench in 71 games on the way to a second NBA title.

Over the next few years, Medvedenko would get a bigger and bigger role with the Lakers under the leadership of Phil Jackson, until his career ended at the age of 27.

We want Medvedenko to get the money he wants from the auction.