Former College Referee Has Surprising Pick For Loudest Stadium

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College football stadiums are some of the largest and tallest stadiums in the entire world.

With dozens of stadiums capable of holding over 70,000 fans, a packed house can be awe-inspiring.

For a former college football referee, there is a stadium that stands apart from the rest.

Appearing on The Paul Feinbaum Show, former referee Matt Austin talks about the highest game ever played during his career.

At first, Austin suggested that LSU's Tiger Stadium was one of the most electric environments ever.

But the winner was Williams-Bryce Stadium – home of the South Carolina Gamecock.

Austin said a game he played between Gamecock and the Texas A&M Aggies was "so loud, I couldn't hear myself talking at the coin toss.

"I tell people the truth, and they get really surprised, and this is South Carolina," he said.

"It was so loud, I couldn't hear myself talking on the coin toss."

South Carolina football doesn't get much love on national television these days because of the relatively moderate play between SEC teams.

But Williams-Bryce Stadium is a venue worthy of almost any top football event.

It has been greatly expanded and renovated since opening in 1934 and now seats over 77,000 fans on gamedays.

Before the reduction to maximum capacity in 2020, the stadium could seat upwards of 85,000 fans,

And set a record when 85,199 fans watched Gamecock play the Georgia Bulldogs on October 6, 2012.

Suffice it to say that the stadium's investigation