Football World Reacts To Deion Sanders Dress Code News

. image credit - Getty images.

If you're going to play football for Deion Sanders at Jackson State, you're going to have to follow some dress code rules.

The former NFL star turned college football head coach informed his players about some classroom dress code rules before the school year.

Sanders wants his players to dress well for class and be attentive.

"No slide (sandals). No slide. No armpit exposed. No wife," Sanders told his team.

"Sit at the front of the class and be the perfect gentleman because when it comes down to it,

And you need help, that professor is going to miss your character and who you've been in that class with all the time... no slides, no sleeveless shirts, no armpits, none of that.

Fans are appreciative.

"Sounds to me tbh Coach Carter," wrote one fan.

"It doesn't matter how someone dresses, but I spent 8 years working in a suit shop and the truth is, when you dress well,

People treat you better," said another fan.

"I get this and all... but let these kids be kids at the same time.

This is a time where they need to enjoy life. Don't get it wrong when it comes time to hunker down and do your work that you have to do.

But let's stop controlling every lil thing with these guys. Let them live for a while," said one fan...

What do you think of the rules for Coach Prime?