Fernando Tatis Jr. Takes Big Step In His Recovery

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Fernando Tatis Jr., who is not playing this season, could be nearing his return.

According to MLB.com's AJ Caswell, shortstop San Diego Padres said he was happy to follow up with live at-bats on Monday.

He may soon start a minor league rehabilitation task.

Broken wrists have kept Matrix apart for years.

The Padres initially hoped to lose up to three months when she underwent surgery in mid-March.

It would be a wonderful gift to welcome the 23-year-old star this summer.

Tatis hit .292/.369/.596 at the start of his illustrious career.Tatis hit .292/.369/.596 at the start of his illustrious career.

He scored 42 home runs, 25 stolen bases and the highest battle count of each player (per fangraph) in 130 matches last season.

Although the Friars overtook the Dodgers with 12 matches on the NL West, they currently have the second of three wild cards at 57-46.

The Padres created a spark on Monday by acquiring Pitcher Relief star Josh Hader from the Milwaukee Brewers.

They cannot be done; He is often associated with superstar Washington Nationals Juan Soto.

Even if they don't land Soto, the Padres could significantly increase their lineup when they return later this month.