Fans Aren't Thrilled With The MLB All-Star Uniforms

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The uniforms for tonight's 2022 MLB All-Star Game are having a polarizing effect on the MLB world.

The AL squad is wearing a charcoal gray uniform and the NL team is wearing an all white jersey - both with gold letters.

Some fans love the simplified look - others absolutely hate it.

"I really hate the uniform all-star uniform.

Do it like you always did and ask them to play in their normal uniform."

One fan wrote.

"Just put on the normal uniform and enough with this garbage, pretty please.

This used to be one of the cooler parts about the All-Star Game,

Seeing all the different uniforms on the field," said another.

"The all-star uniform is so... so bad," said another.

"All star uniforms are atrocious.

Put them back in their regular home/street uniforms and stop trying to sell 2 shiny jerseys," wrote another

MLB departed the All-Star Game in 2021 wearing individual team jerseys.

The decision was heavily criticized by fans and players alike.

While this year's uniform looks quite hot,

The 2021 editions took even longer.

What do you think of the 2022 All-Star jersey?