ESPN Insider Shares Expectation For Drew Lock Before Seahawks Preseason Finale

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The Seattle Seahawks hinted very strongly this week that Geno Smith would start at Drew Locke at quarterback -

At least to begin the 2022 NFL season.

So where does that leave Locke before the conclusion of the preseason against the Dallas Cowboys?

According to ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler, he will get at least one more significant chance to start his case.

Taking to Twitter, Fowler revealed that he has been told that at least three quarterbacks could play football on Friday.

This would be in line with Carroll's claim that Locke would have "significant" time on the field.

Locke appears to have progressed to the first preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But a case of COVID-19 kept him from building on performance in the second Presidents game against the Chicago Bears.

The end result is a quarterback fight that he lost by default.

In three seasons with the Denver Broncos, after going 42nd overall in the 2019 NFL Draft,

Drew Locke went 8-13 as a starter with a 59-percent completion rate and 25 touchdowns.

Locke looked good as a rookie but failed to build on that in 2020, going just 3-10 as a starter. by 2021,

He was being moved to backup duty and by the end of that season the team was happy to have him in their deal to acquire Russell Wilson from the Seahawks.

If he wants to avoid spending the first month of the season holding clipboards, this next pre-season game should be the best game he's had in years.

Will Drew Locke do well in the Precision Finale tomorrow?