ESPN Analyst Names The Only Way To Slow Down Josh Allen

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It's no secret that Josh Allen is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

He had another outstanding season in 2021 when he threw for 4,407 yards and 36 touchdowns, while also completing 63% of his passes.

Allen led the Bills to the AFC Divisional Round before they suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

He is set to play at an even higher level this season, even if the opposing teams want to stop him.

ESPN's Ryan Clark thinks the only way to do it is to pocket it.

"You want to pocket Josh Allen," Clark said.

"Understand your crowded streets, don't run from quarterbacks.

Don't give him a place to get out of pocket, because that's where he really hits you."

In addition to his 4,407 passing yards, Allen last season racked up 763 yards and 122 carries for six touchdowns.

He'll keep damaging the defense through the air

And on the ground as the Bills try to win their first Super Bowl this season in franchise history.