Dick Vitale Uses 1 Word To Describe The Yankees Since All-Star Break

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The great college hoops broadcaster Dick Vitale is known for his commentary on hardwoods,

But the broadcast icon had a few words for the struggling New York Yankees on Saturday:

Tweeting to his 955,100 followers, Vitale said he couldn't believe what was happening in the Bronx right now.

"I'm shocked by the Yankees' poor performance since the All-Star break," Vitale said.

"They lost 5-2 again versus the Blue Jays. Can you imagine 'The Boss' George Steinbrenner was alive?

Beware of the Blue Jays in the Playoffs

Adding, "My guy Dan Schulman must be excited about his potential."

The Bombers have been in full tailspin since breaking out for the Midsummer Classic.

New York have dropped 14 of their last 17 matches,

Yet they are still seven ahead of Toronto in the AL East.

That said, the window is shrinking.

And the Blue Jays, Orioles and Red Sox are all jockeying for the post-season spot.

The Yankees wrap up against Toronto with Sunday's matinee before facing off against city rivals the Mets in a quick two-game series