derek carr makes feelings on playing with davante adams very clear

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Newfound teammates Derek Carr and Davante Adams have both been very vocal about their enthusiasm for playing each other ahead of the 2022 NFL season.

During a recent interview, the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback doubled down on his previous words.

Carr and Adams are longtime friends that stem from their collegiate days at Fresno State.

Both have an aspiration to team up at the NFL level.

"It's something we always talked about," Carr said, according to Anthony Galaviz of the Fresno Bees.

"We dreamed of him and then when it got closer to reality, I went in and he did too.

It's something we both know about where we are in our careers."

Adams requested the Green Bay Packers to trade with the Raiders despite being offered a massive contract.

The superstar wide receiver wanted to reconnect with his old quarterback and move closer to his California roots.

Carr signed a contract extension shortly after Adams landed in Vegas.

The quarterback-wide receiver pair was dominant at the collegiate level.

Carr said he hopes to be able to recreate some of that success in 2022.

"It doesn't promise that we can repeat what we've done," Carr said.

"It gives us a chance to play together again, and it's exciting. We're both excited about it.

We're both trying really hard to make sure we don't get good again; We want to be as good as we can be,

But it takes a lot of work, and it takes a lot of routes to run, a lot of balls that I have to throw,

And we'll see where it takes us. But we are excited to be on this journey together again."

The last time Carr and Adams suited up as teammates was in 2013.

"I know what he expects of himself and I'm going to hold him to that standard because that's what a good friend would do,"

Carr added. "So on the contrary, he does sports for me, honestly, everything has been a lot of fun.

Just playing football with him again, and hopefully we can make it something that people will be happy to see again. ,