Deion Sanders Continues To Be Mentioned For Prominent Job

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Speculation is rife over Deion Sanders leaving Jackson State for the Power Five coaching position.

The Tigers are the latest school to join Coach Prime, following Auburn's 41-12 loss to Penn State.

Volume's Snap podcast discussed the possibility of Sanders moving to the SEC.

However, Aaron Murray is not convinced that Sanders will want to take the extra "day-to-day grind" to handle recruitment.

And in such a large program other functions were extended.

"I don't know if Dion wants that because I think where he is now to jump in the SEC is a huge leap forward when it comes to responsibilities."

Murray said that his current duties at the SEC school would be increased "tenfold",

But he will certainly make a run for Sanders if the former two-sport star is interested.

"Is he willing to do everything a coach has to do at this stage in order to be successful?" Murray asked.

"If he is, then hell yeah, I'll go after Dion."

CBS Sports' Barrett Sally predicted Saturday night that Auburn and Georgia Tech would be involved in the "Deion Sanders Sweepstakes."

The Athletic's Bruce Feldman told ESPN's Paul Feinbaum he would be "fascinated" to see what Sanders can accomplish at Auburn.

For now it's all outside bullshit,

And Sanders has spoken about the personal importance of leading the HBCU program.

Yet he seems to have emerged as a top candidate for any school on the market to be mentored for a new coach.