Dana White Not Offering Raises For UFC Fighters: Fans React

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A rising tide may lift all ships, but UFC president Dana White is in no hurry to raise the salaries of his fighters,

even as his promotion continues to grow rapidly around the world.

In an interview with GQ, White clarified that he has no intention of increasing fighter pay despite the company's growth

as well as increasing calls to do so. He accused the guys of being

"always about to do something" and said fighters "get paid what they should be paid."

You always have something, I guess... these people are paid what they should be paid," White said.

MMA fans largely aren't realizing what White is saying.

Many accused him of being ignorant of how little money his fighters eventually take home after spending,

even though he earns millions per year at their expense.

The issue of fighter pay has been controversial over

the years and has led to numerous contract disputes with some of the biggest stars in the UFC.

There are a number of ways this issue can be resolved,

but all will require a lot of extra legwork on the part of the fighters.

Federalisation, better single representation, or legislation would go a long way toward resolving this issue.

Still, Dana White has drawn a line in the sand when it comes to running her company.

So everyone else has.