Dan Patrick Thinks SEC Will Go After 3 Major Programs

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The world of college football is currently in the midst of several big conference realignment moves.

According to college football analyst Dan Patrick, Clemson, Florida State

And Miami may be the next event going forward.

Patrick wonders if the Big Ten -- the SEC can gun these three major ACC organizations --

Which is already growing with the addition of USC and UCLA - choose to join NBC and Notre Dame.

The SEC is already set to welcome Texas and Oklahoma until at least the 2025 college football season.

When that time comes, both the SEC and the Big Ten will be 16-team mega-conferences that will compete for the No. 1 spot in college football.

If the SEC can acquire Clemson, the State of Florida and Miami,

They will undoubtedly dominate their Big Ten rival.

If these moves fall short, smaller conventions may need to consolidate to compete with the revamped SEC and Big Ten.