Cowboys Fans Furious With Bucs Player's Postgame Admission

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The Dallas Cowboys' 2022 season got off to a disastrous start on Sunday night.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers completely dominated the Cowboys on the defensive, holding them to zero touchdowns in the 19-3 contest.

After the game, Bucks linebacker Devin White suggested that the Dallas Run game was easily predictable.

He said the Tampa Bay defense was able to quickly eliminate some of the same plans as the Cowboys offense used during last year's season-opener.

Take a look at the full quote here:

Cowboys fans are quite upset about the predictable run game of their offense.

"If I ran this organization, someone on the offensive coaching staff would be fired after this statement," said one.

"The defense has been saying this ever since Jason Garrett was an OC.

Please dear lord I need some creativity and juice in my crime.

No more Moore, that's Garrett 2.0," said another.

"It's embarrassing," added another.

Cowboys finish Sunday night's game with only 71 total rush yards

52 from Ezekiel Elliott, 11 from Dak Prescott and eight from Toni Pollard.

In addition to closing the Dallas run game,

The Books defense also added four sacks and a forced interception.

Cowboys, who will be without Prescott for at least the next 6-8 weeks,

On Sunday, Cincinnati will try to make a comeback with a game against the Bengals.