College Football World Reacts To Team's Letter To University President

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Florida A&M only survived last week by being ineligible to play their season-opener against North Carolina.

But the players are raising their voices as problems at the university threaten to undermine the rest of their season.

On Monday, 88 members of the football program signed a letter to the president of Florida A&M asking it to address the serious issues.

The problems range from cuts in funding to delays in financial aid and many more.

In addition to their letter, the players have pledged to kneel during the singing of the school's alma mater.

Declaring "We will not sing a song that begins 'College of Love and Charity...'.

When we don't feel from this university."

College football fans are praising football players for having the courage to stand up to the administration.

Several people are now hiring Florida A&M and calling for the school president to resign or be fired:

Looks like Florida A&M players are determined to make their voices heard

The sit-in against the administration will continue till their demands are met.

The Rattlers have a big game against No. 15 Jackson State at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium,

Which could be a great place for them to make an even bigger statement.

Will the Florida A&M administration team accept the request and make major changes,

Or will things move on?