College Football World Reacts To Scott Frost's Troubling Quote

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Not only did Nebraska lose to Northwestern on Saturday, but head coach Scott Frost was seen throwing his assistant coaches under the bus during a postgame press conference.

Frost appeared on Saturday afternoon calling out his aggressive coaching staff for their lack of creativity.

Nebraska fell to the northwest of 31-28.

"I think our offensive staff needs to learn that you have to be a little more creative in this league."

"Simultaneously unbelievable and completely believable that he said it," wrote one fan.

"Narduzzi took a shot at Whipple 4 years after he was hired and then fired him at Pitt (and after Whipple went on a Pitt recruiting trip)

And tried to get the kid to Nebraska) It took Frost exactly 4 quarters to throw Whipple under the bus," said one fan.

"Yeah when you score 28 and still lose to the high scoring Northwestern,

It was definitely a mistake of offense," said another fan..

Frost appears to be on his last legs.